The Public Health Dental Program leads the efforts to improve and maintain the oral health of its citizens by promoting and developing quality, cost-effective community and school-based preventive, educational and treatment programs which emphasize elimination of oral health disparities.

The Department of public health dentistry of Kamineni institute of dental sciences is continuously looking for new and innovative ways to deliver dental health education, clinical and preventive services to all the people, particularly to the citizens of nalgonda district. The ultimate goal of the department is to reduce the dental health disparities and improve the general and dental health of the people of our country.

There s a saying that claims “Health care is vital to all of us and public health is vital to us all the time”. While private practise dentistry may be more prominent and gets much of the priority, public health practise is a speciality of dentistry that tends to go unnoticed and is not very well understood. Public health dentists play a large and an essential role in the health and safety of its people.

Public health dentistry complements private practise by providing services to the disadvantaged populations that are unable to access services from traditional private practices.


Faculty Information

 Dr. P. Raja Babu

Dr. P. Raja Babu, MDS,

Professor and Head

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 Dr. Pavan Uday Patil

Dr. Pavan Uday Patil, MDS,


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