Dr. S. Vasu Murthy


Professor and Head of the Department


Scientific Sessions Chaired:

  • 16th IOS PG Convention, Gitam Dental College, Vizag, March 2012

Papers Published

1. Temporary Anchorage Devices in Orthodontics

Annals And Essences Of Dentistry Vol I issue 1 July – September 2009   

2. Lingual orthodontics

Indian J Dent Adv, 1(1), 2009 31-37

3. Orthodontics without Braces and Wires!!....A New Paradigm.

Indian J Dent Adv, 3(2), April-June, 2011 508-511

4. Recent advances of Pendulum appliances for effective molar distalisation.

Indian J Dent Adv, 3(3), July-September, 2011 572-76

5. CBCT in Orthodontics – An Overview

Indian J Dent Adv 2012; 4(4): 984-989

6. Model Analysis on a Smartphone

J Clin Orthod. 2012 Jun;46(6):356-8.

7. Reliability of An objective method of evaluating skeletal maturity based on cervical vertibral bone age as compared with the TW2 method

J Ind Orthod  Soc 2013;47(4);202-206

8. A comparision of seven mixed dentition analysis methods and to evaluate  the most reliable one in nalgonda population

 J Ind Orthod  Soc  2015 :49(1):3-9

9. A smartphone app for identifying cervical vertebral  maturation stages

J Clin Orthod. SEPTEMBER 2015: VOL XLIX NO.9 : 556-59

10. Comparision of frictional resistance between various bracket types and archwire materials ligated with low friction and conventional elastic ligatures
Journal of Dr. Ntr university of health sciences 2015;4(4) 246-252

11. Corticotomy assisted enmasse retraction
Indian J Dent Adv 2015; 7(4): 302-305

12. A Smartphone App for Cephalometric Analysis
J Clin Orthod. 2016 NOV; VOLUME L NUMBER 11 694-699

13.Influence Of Gingival Display On Smile Esthetics
Indian J Dent Adv 2016; 7(4)

14.Molar Uprighting Using  Cantilever Spring – A Case Report.
Indian J Dent Adv 2016; 7(4) 

15. Evaluation of Pain Perception By using Different Types of Separators - An In vivo Study
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16. Multidisciplinary treatment of  a fractured maxillary central incisor
Indian journal of dental sciences vol 9;issue 2;april-june 2017

17.Validation of commonly used rectangular nitinol arch wire dimensions using stereomicroscope – an invitro study.” 
Indian journal of dental advancement issue 2 june 2017