Dr. Pavan G Kulkarni


Scientific Publications Published

1. An atypical presentation of pindborg tumor in anterior maxilla.DentalResearch Journal,2012;9(4):495-498.

2. A comparative study for selectivity of micronuclei in oral exfoliated epithelial cells.Journal of Cytology,2012;29(4):230-235.

3. Designing an Effective Scientific Poster: An Insight.Journal of Research in Medical Education and Ethics,2013;3(2):112-114.

4. Charecterization of Mast cells in Periapical Lesions : A Birds Eye View.RGUHS J Med Sciences,2013;3(2):105-109.

5. Evaluation of Advanced Diagnostic Adjuncts for Early Detection of Oral Cancer – A Review.Indian Journal of Contemporary Dentistry,201;1(2):79-83.

6. Role of Exfoliative cytology in The Detection of Potentially Malignant Lesions of Oral Cavity in High Risk Population.Indian Journal of Contemporary Dentistry,2014;2(1):63-67.

7. Central odontogenic fibroma – A pediatric varient, IJDA;2014:6(2):

8. Occlusal wear – Age determinant IJDA2014:6(2).1523-1528.

9. Gender Determination using Diagonal Measurements of Maxillary Molar and Canine Teeth in Davangere Population. JCDR2014;8(11).141-144.

10. Telagi N, Ahmed Mujib BR, Kulkarni PG, Naik R. The master switch: Comparative study of mast cell in oral epithelial dysplasia, oral submucous fibrosis and oral squamous cells carcinoma and their association with inflammation and angiogenesis. J Oral Maxillofac Pathol 2015;19:25-9. 

11. Oral cysticercosis- A diagnostic dilemma. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2015 Jun, Vol-9(6): ZD01-ZD02 


Other Responsibilities:

1. IQAC core team member

2. Member of Teaching Learning Evaluation Criteria for NAAC

3. Member of Innovative and Best Practices Criteria for NAAC

Books Authored - 2

• Viva voce in Oral Pathology – Jaypee publishers, New Delhi.

• Cell kinetics – Lambert Publishers , Germany

• Temporomandibular joint disorders- Jaypee publishers, New Delhi (Ongoing)


Scientific member of  “ Indian Journal of Contemporary Dentistry”